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Valiant Cricket Team lost Stardesk T20, Karan KC batted brilliantly

5 Dec 2021, Pokhara: Stardesk T20 match was held from November 30 to December 5, 2021 between Valiant Cricket team and Pokhara Cricket Academy. There were 3 T20 Cricket matches between teams. All players performed well in the series. Pokhara Cricket Academy have won the series. Karan KC batted brilliantly in 3 matches from Pokhara team and was not out in 3 matches. The biggest credit for winning the PCA team goes to Karan, who dominated the Valiant team in 3 matches by batting one side.

Were only three Valiant Cricketers Shrijay Chaudhary , Akash Vasava and Salman Pathan are performed well throughout the series.

During Stardesk T20 : Valiant Team give’s tribute to Late Mukeshbhai Dave:

Valiant Cricket Team’s wicket keeper batsman Gaurang Dave’s father was part of the Valiant cricket family. Many memories are associated with them of Valiant family, we lost them sometime back. After the Corona Crisis, Valiant cricket team playing the first cricket series ​pays tribute to Gaurang’s father ‘Late Mukeshbhai Dave’ .